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High Speed

Production Lines

Trouble-Shooting High Speed Production Lines

Mega Speed monochrome high-speed cameras are the preferred choice for bringing line speeds up to their full potential. Reaching higher cycle times and higher productivity levels that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Monochrome cameras offer better sensitivity and sharper resolutions compared to their color counterparts. Mega Speed hand-held high-speed cameras are unrivaled in sensitivity and ease of use throughout the manufacturing industry. Note: Color high-speed cameras can still be used for troubleshooting applications of identifying the color component within the test scene is required.
Frame 1
Frame 16
Frame 31
Frame 46
Frame 61
Frame 76

The above 6 picture set of frames have been removed from the actual high-speed diagnostic video to show the pile-up of cans while the line was being brought up to speed. The high-speed video slows time down to reveal what otherwise would be impossible to see with standard video or the unaided human eye.

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