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High Speed Cameras

Hand Held Portables

Hand Held cameras are completely portable and do not require a Gigabit Ethernet connection to a PC to be operated. They have internal SDRAM for fast saving, built in Solid State Drives for file storage and offer a live preview screen.

They also have a large touch screen display and also have built in high power work lights to prevent image blur during low exposure setting. As an added feature hand held cameras can also be connected to and controlled by a PC with a Gigabit Ethernet connection in the same way as the below PC connected cameras.


high speed camera


high speed camera


high speed camera

Pc Connected

PC connected cameras have internal SDRAM for fast file saving. They send back a live preview to the PC at 30 fps while the high speed video is saved in the camera’s internal SDRAM in a circular buffer to be downloaded later. These cameras require a Gigabit Ethernet connection to a PC for control and download.

They can be a bit lower cost than an equivalent “Hand Held” camera but are not as portable and must be connected to a PC with a Gigabit Ethernet connection.


high speed camera


high speed camera


high speed camera

High Speed DVRs

DVR cameras have no SDRAM inside. These cameras stream video data back to a DVR PC in real time. These cameras are similar in function to our other high speed cameras except that they are designed to record high speed video for hours or days at a time.

These types of cameras / DVR’s are used on your production line or at your testing station to record problems when you are not there. They will record and save every minute detail, allowing you to quickly look back in time to diagnose the problem. You may also tie this system into your control logic to automatically record and save files of special interest.

These types of cameras are used to record infrequent production problems or to archive your entire process over an extended period of time.


high speed camera

MS35K PRO Cart Front View

Purpose built stainless steel mobile cart
with 24/7 recording capabilities.

MS35K DVR & IP 67

high speed camera dvr
Stainless steel control unit for areas frequently washed down or dusty.