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Destructive Impact


Destructive Impact Testing

Mega Speed high-speed impact test cameras are used by accredited government test agencies and private accredited test labs during critical component design and testing. One example application is the destructive testing of steel storage drums, which are used to store nuclear waste. A heavy steel plate is dropped onto the test article while being recorded with a Mega Speed high-speed impact test camera.

Mega Speed high-speed impact test cameras are typically used to record destructive impact tests at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 800 image resolutions and at frame rates of 2000 fps to 4000 fps. These frame rates and image sizes will show the details the test engineers need to evaluate the structural integrity of the steel drum used in the storage of nuclear waste.
Frame 1
Frame 156
Frame 189
Frame 505
Frame 712
Frame 942

The above 6 picture set of frames have been removed from the actual high-speed test video to show how the structure of the steel drum performed on a millisecond time scale after a heavy steel plate was dropped on it.

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