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Helping To Keep
You And Your
Loved Ones Safe

Helping To Keep You And Your Loved Ones Safe

Mega Speed’s high-speed cameras are used by some of the world’s most well-known car manufacturers and component makers during critical component design and testing. One case in point is one of your automobile’s top safety features namely the airbag. The airbags in your vehicle need to precisely inflate and deflate correctly and with the correct shape to cushion your body from hitting parts of your vehicle’s interior. In order to correctly test an airbag to perform its critical life-saving task, a precise analysis must be performed during the bag’s inflation/deflation cycle.

Frame 5
Frame 10
Frame 15
Frame 20
Frame 25
Frame 30
Frame 35
Frame 40

The above 8 picture set of frames have been removed from the actual high-speed test video to show the rapidly evolving shape of the airbag on a millisecond time scale after the initial inflation was started. The high-speed video slows time down to reveal what otherwise would be impossible to see with standard video.

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