MAX V1 Hand-Held Camera

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The Mega Speed MAX V1 high-speed camera does not require a PC to record, save or edit high speed video files.  The camera uses the  latest CMOS sensor technology  offering exceptional sensitivity and high frame rates, essential for critical applications in automotive, military, aerospace, medical, scientific, R&D, and manufacturing industries. Our imaging solutions enable super slow-motion playback, allowing detailed frame-by-frame analysis of events too fast for the human eye.

At Mega Speed, our value packed solutions empower industries to push the boundaries of what is possible, capturing the intricate details of high-speed events to drive innovation and success in their respective fields. Join the global leaders who trust Mega Speed for unparalleled high-speed imaging solutions.

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Product description

Standout Features

High speed CMOS image sensors are available in either monochrome or color versions both with a recording speed of 1080 fps at 1920 x 1080 or up to 38,400 fps at the reduced resolution of 1920 x 30. You can also upgrade to a faster recording speed of 2160 fps at 1920 x 1080 or up to 76,800 fps at the reduced resolution of 1920 x 30 for a very reasonable price at the checkout.

Large 7 inch 1080P high resolution multi-touch display screen. Clearly see key points of interest in your recorded video. The MAX V1 screen is 2 to 5 times higher resolution compared to the other portable camera screens. The MAX V1 screen is large enough to analyze, edit, compress and archive your high speed video files right on the camera’s built in NVME solid state drive.

16 GB of high speed SD RAM is standard. Choose the 32GB SDRAM option to extend your record times when saving to the camera’s internal circular buffer.

Convenient multi tough display screen features pinch zoom and double tab controls for zooming in on key points of interest in your recorded video.

1TB, 2TB or 4TB Enterprise class solid state NVME drive options are available. Save your high speed video files directly from camera SDRAM at incredibly fast speeds or enjoy real time streaming of high speed video for minutes or even hours without stopping. Streaming permanently saves the high speed video in real time to the NVME drive.

High capacity changeable 5000 mAh camera battery for extra reserve capacity or record for extended periods of time with the included power supply / charger.

Every MAX V1 includes all of the standard I/O ports to accept incoming triggers, sync signals, ADC data and IRIG time codes for you every possible application. Factory cable sets are available as an option for an extra cost.

Convenient DisplayPort connection for applications that require an external monitor feed.

A standard “C” mount is included with the camera. Other lens mounts are available on our accessories page such as micro 4/thirds and Nikon lens mounts.


Sensor Specifications And Exposure Control
CMOS  4/3 image sensor. Available in either monochrome or color versions
1920 x 1080  pixels maximum resolution
1920 x 8 pixels minimum resolution
1000 fps maximum speed at 1920 x 1080 pixels
Image size is software adjustable in 128 x 2 segments
10 µm x 10um pixel format
Software adjustable global shutter down to 2 µs in 1 µs step
Automatic electronic exposure control or manual exposure control
Spectral response is 400nm to 1000nm peaking at 550nm
ISO comparative value is 10,000 for monochrome sensors
ISO comparative value is 5,000 for color sensors
8 bit and 10 bit  pixel  bit depth
Average full well capacity 20,000e
Camera Inputs
IRIG time code in via multi pin connector
Sync in signal via multi pin connector
Multi channel data acquisition for 0 to 10 VDC levels via multi pin connector
Trigger in via multi pin connector
DC power supply jack via 2.1mm plug
Marker In via multi pin connector for frame tagging
1 Gigabit 45 jack for Gigabit camera control
Video Output
Live stream to PC via Gigabit connection
1920 x 1080 DisplayPort 60 fps
Camera Input Protection
Reverse input voltage protection
ESD circuitry protection
Camera temperature monitor
Camera voltage level indicator
Maximum Recording Speed And Resolution
1000fps at 1920 x 1080
Stream  time lengths to camera SSD are frame rate and image size dependent
PC Requirements
( if you intend to control the camera with a Gigabit Ethernet connection)
Mega Speed Camera Control software required
Modern day PC running Windows 10 or 11
500GB minimum hard drive
1 GB Ethernet chip-set
1 RJ 45 connection for GB connection to camera
 USB 2.0 / 3.0 USB ports
CAT6 cable for camera connection
17″ 1920 x 1080 monitor resolution
Lens Mount
C mount
Micro 4/3 mount
Optional m4/3 to PL mount or C to  F mount for Canon, Pentax, Nikon, etc.
Camera Body / Structure
Machined aluminum frame anodized hard coat mat black finish
Rubber hand grips
Cool running compact efficient modern design
Large 7” 1920 x 1080 high definition touch screen.  High brightness 2500nit available
Easy to hold ergonomic design
Convenient multi-pin side connections with single or multi style cable harness
Removable 5000 mAh battery
Frame Rates & Record Times
1000 fps @ 1920 x 1080.        7.6/15.2 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
1130 fps @ 1280 x 1024         11.4/22.8 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
1600 fps @ 1280 x 720           12/24 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
1900 fps @ 832 x 600             16.4/32.8 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
2400 fps @ 640×480                22/44 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
4800 fps @ 640×240                11.6/23.2 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
38,400 fps @ 640×30              13.7/27.4 seconds record time 16GB/32GB
* Note: Maximum speed is only affected by image height. 1920×30 can also be captured at 38,400 fps
Trigger Options
3.3 VDC to 24 VDC via trigger port
Dry contact via trigger port
Software controlled manual trigger
Multiple start/stop trigger mode with auto stop when camera memory is full
Pre/post trigger mode with full scale pre and post segment adjustment
Single sequence trigger mode
Snap-Shot trigger mode for PIV
Time Source And Synchronization
By internal system  clock
By external IRG time clock to camera IRIG port user supplied
Sync in to multi pin connector from external clock source or master camera
Sync out  from multi pin connector from pass through sync source or frame time
Sync in to BNC connector from external IRIG source – user supplied
10 ns accurate time propagation delay
3.3 VDC ready out signal when camera is in armed status via multi pin connector
Camera Outputs
Ready  out via multi pin connector
Sync out via multi pin connector
Battery charge status LED
2x USB 3 ports
RJ45 Gige jack
Micro SD slot
DisplayPort connector
16GB or 32GB or  internal SD RAM circular recording buffer
1TB High Speed NVME drive. Optional 2TB or 4TB drives
Camera Firmware
Remote on-site firmware upgrade enabled
Video Editing Software
Mega Speed Media Player
Video playback and review
Video file clipping and merging
Vertical and horizontal cross hair reticules
MP4 video compression engine to compress edited files and for file sharing
Gamma,  auto  white balance (color cameras)
Image cropping
Image rotation
Image export to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, DNG, AVI, H.264, MP4, RAW, MSV.
Video files compatible with other vendors post software
Video playback time base adjustment tool
Basic object tracking, velocity and distance measurement
Multi channel data analysis tools synchronized to video file
Image overlay frame stamping with custom notation
Camera Size
2.5″ x 9″ x 5″
Camera Weight
3.4 lbs with battery and no lens
Camera Mounts
2 bottom1/4 x 20 tpi, threaded and 2  top 1/4 x 20 tpi  both threaded 0.250 down
Camera Power Requirements
14 VDC 25 watts from camera brick power supply
Internal camera battery  
Temperature / Shock Rating
-5°C – to +45°C.  25G, 10ms, half sine wave, random
Included In The Box
Camera battery
5M dry contact push button pickle switch
4/3” Mega Speed brand lens
Soft custom Mega Speed brand camera bag.
14 VDC camera power supply to charge the camera or run the camera
Post processing Mega Speed Media player software
Sensor cleaning swab
Soft custom Mega Speed camera bag.
Installation USB stick with install software and owner’s manual
Available As An Option
Color or monochrome image sensor
3.3 VDC Mega Speed trigger box
Gigabit Ethernet connection
Solid state drive size (2TB or 4TB)
Micro four third mount, C-F mount for Nikon, Canon, Pentax
Spare camera battery
4 channel ADC patch cable
Lenses with various focal lengths ( 16mm/25mm/35mm/50mm etc.)
Various LED work light kits
Magic arm
50W Fiber optic goose neck LED light
Mega Speed laser cut foam case
Medusa I/O cable set (trigger/marker/IRIG/Sync in/Sync out/Ready)
128GB Super Speed USB stick
Specifications and option availability subject to change without notice.  Confirm with your sales representative before placing an order

Additional information


1 Year Warranty

Maximum FPS

1000 FPS


16 GB, 32 GB


color, Mono

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