Mega Speed HHC X9 PRO

X9 Highlights
✓ 2,000 FPS recording speeds at 1920 x 1080 image sizes
✓ 4,000 FPS recording speeds at 1280 x 540 image sizes
✓ Hand-held portable wide angle 1080P multi-purpose trouble-shooting specialist
✓ Built in high power LED work lights for difficult lighting conditions
✓ Large 6″ menu driven touch screen interface
✓ HDMI video out for external monitors
✓ Up to 16 GB of high speed camera ram
✓ Up to 2TB hot swapable solid state drive
✓ USB and micro SD card slots for on-board storage
✓ High speed gigabit camera interface when PC control is needed
✓ “C” mount lens interface for easy lens selection
✓ High capacity LiPo battery
✓ Impact resistant ABS camera body
✓ Analytical PC software included