Mega Speed MAX V3

Our Fastest Hand Held 1080P Camera!

No PC or separate camera controller is required for camera operation.  Mega Speed’s fastest portable 1080P camera features Mega Speed’s Direct-To-Drive recording technology which in many applications eliminates the need for traditional record/save cycles found in most other high speed cameras.

The Mega Speed Advantage

The Mega Speed MAX V3 camera can save high speed video in either one of two ways. The first way is to save the video to the cameras SDRAM for a few seconds, stop the recording, download the video and then record again. This works great for applications that require the cameras highest frame rate possible however it is too time consuming for certain other applications that require quick repetitive saves or long term recording at a slightly lower frame rate.

The second way that the Mega Speed MAX V3 can save the high speed video is to save it directly to the internal drive every time you press the record button. With Mega Speed’s Direct-to-Drive technology there is no wait time lost during the download cycle since the data is immediately saved to the drive as it is recorded. When saving this way the Mega Speed MAX can still save at a fast enough frame rate and large enough image size to satisfy a great number of high speed video recording applications.

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