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Continuous Recording Catches The Defects

Continuous Recording Demo

Factories world wide use Mega Speed High Speed Cameras for continuous monitoring and trouble-shooting several different types of industrial applications. These cameras play a key role in identifying, isolating and aiding the engineer or technician therefore enabling them to quickly fix the problem saving and greatly reducing line down time.

Our high speed cameras are designed to work in any environment analysing, monitoring and recording various types of fillers, baggers, packers, labelers, conveyors mixers and ejectors in the packaging and manufacturing industry.

The below high speed recorded videos playing back in slow motion are a few samples to clearly see what caused the stoppage in production. These videos were taken with various models of Mega Speed long record mode cameras, usually running at 240 to 1000 fps for both short and long durations of time.

Mega Speed models that have long record modes are the X4 PRO, X7 PRO, MS35K PRO DVR and the
MS60K AB models.