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Mega Speed MS35K PRO DVR Cart

Build Stainless Steel Mobile Platform

Mega Speed MS35K PRO DVR Cart

    • The MS35K PRO is a 24/7 continuous recording trouble-shooting monitoring station. Featuring built in high power LED lighting, and software control for up to 8 high speed cameras.
    •  The MS35K PRO Cart is a purpose build stainless steel mobile platform featuring a lower shelf for the UPS power & DVR server, a middle storage shelf, a convenient upper pull out drawer, locking front door, vibration and shock absorbing cart design, and locking swivel castors.
    •  7 day recording rates: up to 2000 fps
    The Mega Speed MS 35K PRO camera control software is a complete software package that is included with each system. With the camera control software you can simultaneously adjust the camera settings, record the process, review the recently recorded events, edit, play back, review and transfer files without ever stopping the recording process.

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