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What is the Max FPS for high speed camera?

When shopping a high speed camera for your application, it is important to determine which feature is the most important you are looking for.

Key feature of high speed camera including frame rate, resolution, shutter speed, light sensitivity, video storage and more. But most of the time when we looking for a high speed camera, the first thing to consider about is the frame rate.

The frame rate, also referred FPS, the amount of images or frames recorded every second. Typical video frame rates is about 25 FPS. A higher frame rate will result in a smoother of the video.

Across to this chart, we can see the Max FPS for a hand-held portables high speed camera is X8 Pro with 512,000 FPS, the throughput for X8 Pro is about 4,096,000,000 bps. The chips on it need to processed and stored 4G data per second. and X9 Pro's throughput is about 4,147,200,000 bps, almost the same. with different Max resolution and FPS, find the best one for you based on your application needs. not only the throughput but also the FPS and Max resolution.
In this chart, we can found out the MS140K's throughput is 7,464,960,000 bps, means the chips on it processed and stored about 7G data per second. Is has max resolution of 1920x1080, when your application required a better resolution, you may need to check out MS95K-SC or MS160K, as they have better resolution of 2500x1600 and 3840x2160.