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Mage Speed’s Test Lab

Mega Speed Test Lab

Mega Speed high speed video test lab accept customer required trial high speed videos for any application

Want to see high speed videos for your applications in real, please click and ask our experts!

You could see your products in real high speed videos by ship them to us, and tell us how you want the model of camera, resolution, frames per second, and other information. We will return professional shot high speed videos with your products fit with your real environment with your required applications.

Manufacturing and Packaging Solutions

Factories everywhere use Mega Speed cameras for trouble-shooting and identifying problems with various types of fillers, baggers, packers, labellers, conveyors mixers and ejectors in the packaging and manufacturing industry.

Filler Spill

Cigarette Stuffing

Industrial Testing

Mega Speeds advance line of High Speed Cameras have been implemented in various industrial settings for for the detailed analysis necessary for saftey and quality control.

Filler Spill

Filler Spill

Biology Applications

Mega Speeds high speed cameras are perfect for capturing the beauty of nature in ways never possible before.

Bird In Flight


Digital Cinema

Are you looking for the perfect shot to enhance the quality of your production? Mega Speed has the answer with our state of the art, high speed cameras.

Flowing Water

Filler Spill

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